Innovation and sustainability bring more value to customers


From the beginning of the business, it is a business enterprise engaged in after-sales outsourcing services. We are committed to improving the customer experience throughout the product life cycle. Longer product life cycle helps to dilute costs, reduce expenses for customers, and achieve the goal of sustainable development. Now, the same principle applies to our products.


非道路自動クルーズ車 Non-road AGV

It is suitable for AGV in communities, shopping malls, warehouses and other environments. These AGVs can provide a series of services from patrol to disinfection, so as to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. At the same time, it provides personalized vehicle design service and intelligent warehouse WMS custom design service


予備電源 Emergency power supply

Standby power supply system is a branch of AGV project of our company. This paper mainly uses the power system of AGV development process to develop it into an efficient backup power supply suitable for household and film and television industry.



To provide bonded maintenance to customers in China, reduce import tariffs caused by outbound maintenance, and make use of overseas high-quality maintenance capabilities. At the same time, it also provides overseas customers with after-sales outsourcing services in China market.


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